• Trash cans are beside the driveway; one for trash, one for recyclables, clearly labeled.
  • Everything that goes in either trash can must be bagged.
  • There is no need to take the cans to the road – they’ll be emptied where they are. Check the Seaside Disposal card on the refrigerator for pickup days.
  • Recyclable: glass, aluminum, tin and plastic containers, all containers labeled with recylable plastics #’s 1-7, paper, newspaper and cardboard
  • Seaside Disposal – 508-255-1070


  • There will be propane in the tank under the grill.
  • If you run out of propane for grilling, fill tanks, and you will be reimbursed:
  • Bayberry Gardens – 250 Rt. 6, Truro, 1.5 miles north of Truro Center – 508-349-6764
  • Cape Cod Oil – 435 Route 6 , North Truro.  508-487-4874 


Gas gets more expensive as you travel further out on the Cape. Your best bet is probably to fill up before you get to the Cape. Or you can find inexpensive gas in Hyannis. The Cumberland Farm SmartPay app will get you a ten cent a gallon discount at the new store in Eastham (or any CF store), although that’s still usually more expensive than full price on the mainland.


Jams – Small grocery store, with coffee, sandwiches, baked goodies. Many years ago it was Schoony Youngen’s, basic groceries, but as Jam’s it’s become, in the words of a TripAdvisor review, “Manhattan groceries in Truro.” TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews are actually entertaining to read. But it’s a lot closer than the nearest Stop ‘n Shop, and right in the middle of downtown Truro, across from the Post Office. For an actual grocery run: Wellfleet or Stop n’ Shop.

Wellfleet Market Place – A real grocery store in downtown Wellfleet, with produce, meats, bakery, ice cream, coffee, deli, and a wide range of groceries. And books. And chocolate.

Stop n’ Shop:

  • 56 Shank Painter Rd., Provincetown – 12.2 mi.
  • 24 Route 6a, Orleans – 17.4 mi.

Peapod by Stop n Shop (http://peapod.com) will deliver groceries right to the door here at Bay View Pines. When using the link, Truro’s zip code is 02666.  You can also arrange for curbside pickup of groceries at the Orleans Stop n Shop through the Stop n Shop website.

Farmer’s Markets:

  • Truro – Mondays, downtown – 8-1
  • Wellfleet – Wednesdays, 200 Main St. – 8-12
  • P’Town – Saturdays, downtown – 9-1


The PO is in the little cluster of buildings which is downtown Truro (“Truro Center”), at the end of Old County Rd. It’s right across from Jam’s.

(note: Contrary to the movie “Men in Black II”, the Truro PO is not, and has never been, in the Highland Lighthouse.  At the time of writing, no aliens are employed there.  We’re pretty sure.)




TICKSJust a little preparation and attention will keep you clear of ticks and associated Lyme disease. We’ve sprayed the property for ticks and other annoying critters, but only in the general vicinity of the house, and on either side of the path going down to Stevens Way.

Remember to tuck your pants into your socks when walking off the road, and check later at your convenience. Do a full-body search for ticks every day you go out walking off the clear path. Adding your own personal spray will help even more. Some helpful links:


  • The top brick step up to the front door is a fraction of an inch higher than the others, for some reason. Take care with that last step!
  • The interior stairway does not have a landing at the top. Take care when getting ready to walk downstairs. When walking up, remember the door opens right into traffic.


No gym or fitness center at Bay View Pines. We do have a rowing machine, but the best fitness center ever is just a half-mile away – Fisher Beach and Cape Cod Bay.

There are some gyms in Provincetown, one in Wellfleet and one in Eastham.

HURRICANE BOX (closet of Compass Room)

As you are no doubt aware, the Northeast has experienced a number of hurricanes in the past few years, and there is no doubt that more are coming.

The Hurricane Box is designed to help if the storm knocks out power while you’re here at Bay View Pines. It has a few lanterns and flashlights, with D batteries for the lanterns (you’ll need to provide AA batteries for the flashlights). It’s not meant to replace comprehensive planning for a power outage – just some help getting started.

There are a few common-sense plans you can make if a hurricane seems to be coming to the Cape. You’ll have a day or two to get ready. Remember – if the power goes out, you will not have:

  • Heat
  • Air conditioning
  • Stove
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Water pressure (pump is electric)
  • Power from outlets
  • The piano will still work ;-}. So will the grill.

Those of us who have prepped for hurricanes or winter storms know the drill:

  • Make sure all digital devices are fully charged
  • Have plenty of spare batteries (in our case, D and AA) available
  • Fill the bathtub about halfway or more to provide water for flushing toilet
  • Fill bowls and pitchers and all water bottles with water for drinking
  • Put batteries in flashlights and lanterns and check that they work
  • Turn refrigerator and freezer to coldest setting (and don’t forget to return them to normal settings when the power is restored!)
  • Prepare food that won’t require heating (sandwiches, etc.) or can be grilled (make sure you have enough propane)
  • Paper plates and plastic cutlery will simplify meal cleanup
  • Your preparations should not include open flames inside the house.
  • Bookmark https://www.eversource.com/content/nh/business/outages/storm-preparedness for more ideas, for outage maps and restoration schedules.

Bay View Pines has survived over fifty years of brutal winter gales without any noticable wind damage. If you secure everything outside, and keep the windows closed, the wind from an elderly hurricane will not be an issue.  Be especially mindful of the deck furniture – bring in all cushions, collapse all folding chairs, snug the rest up against walls or railings so they don’t become airborne. Make sure the electric shade on the second deck is rolled up.

Remember – the hall closet upstairs, and the Kids’ Area in the downstairs Twin Room, have games and activities that do not require electricity.

Here’s to a hurricane-free vacation at Bay View Pines!