Feel free to contact us (e-mail usually works best) with any questions about Bay View Pines and your vacation in Truro.


  • If you booked through Duarte/Downey Realty, please call them first at 508-349-7588. They’re right in Truro Center next to Jam’s.
  • If you booked through VRBO, HomeAway or AirBnB, or directly through us, contact us. Our handyman is Wade Saley – a great guy who, it seems, can do anything. Call us before you call Wade; maybe we can solve the problem together before we go the next step. If there’s an emergency and you can’t get us, call Wade. 617-240-9078.

Our e-mail: (this is the best way to get in touch with us)

Gary’s cell: 607-435-1783

Abbey’s cell: 607-435-4962

Bay View Pines house landline number is: 774-383-3132