House Rules

We simply ask that you treat our home as you would your own.

If you’re going to move things around, please take pictures first and return everything to its original position.

Please keep pets off the beds and furniture, unless you’ve brought your own blankets.

Please do not use the fireplaces. It’s summer, people!

No smoking inside the house, or outside anywhere that the smoke can blow back through a window or door.

No noise policy as such, but we have neighbors (even though you might not be able to see them) and we’d love to remain on great terms with them. Please lower the volume after 10PM, especially outside.

Didn’t think we’d need to mention this – but – please don’t throw corn husks (or anything!) off the decks.

If you take our path down to Stevens Way on the way to the beach, please remember that Stevens Way is a private road.  Please turn right only and continue to Fisher Beach Road, where you turn left for the beach.  Turning left is trespassing on private property.  Our neighbors thank you!

At the end of your vacation, please leave the house looking pretty much the way you found it (and see checkout procedure on the fridge and/or below).


We’re very happy to welcome any pets you bring on vacation with you, but you must understand that you assume the risk of any damage that is done that exceeds the Damage Deposit Waiver.  See your lease for further details.

Departure Checklist

Please complete this checklist and be out of the house by 10:00 AM on your departure day, so we can have it cleaned for the next guests.

In accordance with your lease, please leave our home in generally good, clean condition. Our primary concern here is that the next guests find a clean, tidy, warm welcome. If our changeover service has to do extra cleaning, there will be a charge billed to you. If you do not wish to clean, you may hire a cleaner at your expense (we recommend Janice Roderick – 508-364-7156 – please call before the last minute). The following checklist will help you cover the basics upon your departure:

  • Dishes, pots, pans, silverware, and utensils are washed and put away.
  • Stove/Oven left clean.
  • Refrigerator clean and free of food.
  • Microwave is clean (no food particles).
  • Coffee makers clean.
  • Spot clean bathrooms, removing excess sand and hair from tubs/sinks.
  • Strip beds and remember to take your linens and towels.
  • Check beds for sand and make beds with blankets and covers.
  • If you brought a pet, make sure all hair/fur is cleaned up
  • Kitchen floor swept; all floors vacuumed.
  • Collect papers, magazines & garbage: bag and place in correct barrels.
  • Check over house thoroughly for any personal items left.
  • If you move any furniture, please return it to its original positions.
  • Shut all windows, and lock them.
  • Turn off all lights, check oven and burners: unplug small appliances.
  • Leave Renter’s Guide, Guest Book, and beach sticker authorization forms on the stone/wood counter by the front door.
  • Lock all doors.
  • Return key to Duarte/Downey
  • If not renting through Duarte/Downey, leave key in lockbox where you found it.

We trust you enjoyed Cape Cod and we appreciate you taking good care of our home.
Have a safe trip home and we hope you visit us again next year!